Buy 1 Give 1

How We Give Back To Rescues.

Once you click purchase our donation process starts.

We pre-select every month which rescues we will send our donations to. So right after you purchase our leash we put an identical leash in a box labeled for shipment to a rescue that needs supplies.

Once that box is filled, we seal it and send it off with a great big thank you note to all the volunteers and employees that work at the rescue everyday.

Feel free to put a suggestion in the suggestion box if you know a rescue you think could use some leash donations and we will add them to the list!

We announce which rescues will receive donations on our Facebook page at the beginning of every month so please follow us there to get up to date news!

How Do We Pick Which Rescues Get Donations Each Month?

We pick which rescues get donations each month by listening to suggestions by our friends and customers. We are building a list that we will continually cycle through to keep these rescues supplied with leashes.

If you know of a rescue that is need of donations, you can submit their information through our suggestion box.

Check out our list of rescues we donate to!